Late Noon Sun / ICA

Lizzie Oxby: Photographer

Late Noon Sun: Commissioned by the Arts Council of England / ICA / Ear Cinema.

Ec Scissorhands

Late Noon Sun is a four screen film Lizzie made, which playfully attempts to unravel the mysterious tale of Little Mary. The film combined highly choreographed, integrated, live stage performances – with performers specialising in aerial work – to tell the dark story in front of a live audience. The film was shot inside an old sawmill in London. Here’s a selection of publicity photos Lizzie shot for the show.

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The show premiered at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts then went on to play at The Arnolfini and Shunt, London’s atmospheric underground vaults – before continuing its National and European tour.

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Title: Little Mary

Title: Late Noon Sun Paper Man

Title: Donkeyhead

Title: Love Triangle

Title: Cafe Man

Title: The Double

Title: Rope

Title: The Tango

Title: Her Slip 
Title: The Circus 
Title: Unveiling

Ec Scissorhands

Late Noon Sune - The Bride by Lizzie Oxby

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