Black and White

Lizzie Oxby: Illustrator

Here’s a selection of Lizzie’s black and white illustrations, including some of her character designs  for her film Villa 21. Part of Channel 4 Television’s Animator in Residence Scheme. And some of Lizzie’s ongoing project, Sketches from my Sketchbook Diaries. Curiosities from daily life . More on Instagram.

BreatheTitle: Breathe: Illustrated story – Stein’s Cabin

 Title: C4 Television: Villa 21: (N)Orman  

Title: C4 Television: Villa 21:  Angel

Title: The Long Night

Title: Lost at Sea

Title: The Dance

Title: The Saddest Dog in W10

Title: Night People

Title: The Long Legged Beatle

Title: Born Sleeping

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