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Lizzie Oxby: Director

Welcome to Lizzie Oxby’s stage & screen work

Here’s a selection of Lizzie’s commissioned work she’s directed for the screen and stage – as well as some insights on how she creates her mixed media films. Clients include: The National Trust, MTV International, Telefonica, Talentum, EMI, The Edge Picture Company and Theatre-Rites.

575 Wandsworth Road:

Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Lizzie Oxby. Commission: National Trust.

Nominated in two categories for 2014 British Animation Awards: Best Commissioned Film and Best Motion Graphics.

575 is a beautiful and unique place of interior design, recently renovated by the National Trust. The fretwork began as a minor project to disguise an unsightly damp patch which grew into a life-long 20 year project for the former owner, Khadambi Asalache. The house is one of the most extraordinary, ornate fretwork interiors in Britain.

Lizzie made this 30 second film for the National Trust. Inspired by Asalache’s love of dance, pattern formations and the evolution of the house itself, she brings the interior to life to mark the re-opening of the house. Deemed of national significance, 575 has featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The New York Times and the BBC. Articles on the film have also featured on Televisual, AWN, Creative Review, Digital Arts and Director’s Notes.

Stills: 30-second spot for National Trust.

Late Noon Sun: Stage – film extracts

Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Ear Cinema. Funders: The Arts Council of England. Stage: 30 minutes.

Late Noon Sun is a four screen film Lizzie made for Ear Cinema, which playfully attempts to unravel the mysterious tale of Little Mary. The full 30 minute version of the film, combines highly choreographed, integrated, live stage performances – with performers specialising in aerial work – to tell the dark story in front of a live audience. The show premiered at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) then went on to play at The Arnolfini and Shunt, London’s atmospheric underground vaults – before continuing its National and European tour.

Ear Cinema projects are led by Wajid Yaseen, who invites filmmakers to devise and create original pieces of work for live performances with rarely experienced multi-directional (ambisonic) sound. Here are some edited highlights from the film.

Late Noon Sun: Making of

Making of Late Noon Sun: A short demonstration of how the film was created for the screen with the live stage performances.


Catch your Breath: Stage

Film Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Theatre-Rites / The Lyric Hammersmith.  Stage: 60 minutes.

‘Endlessly inventive…full of unexpected wonders’ – The Guardian.

Catch Your Breath is a theatre show, Lizzie co-created with Theatre-Rites for London’s Lyric Hammersmith. The story seamlessly integrates film with live puppetry and performance to reveal a feast of intriguing secrets. Catch Your Breath toured nationally twice, including a five-week Christmas run at the Lyric, and a four-week tour of Japan.

The Lost Glove:

Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Theatre-Rites.

‘It’s completely marvellous’ – Peter Lord, Co-Founder Aardman Animation

It’s that time of year when gloves are lost, and found…  The Lost Glove is a fun yet touching film Lizzie made for Theatre-Rites, featuring their amazing handwork. It begins it’s 2016 Summer tour in Tokyo with Short Shorts Festival & Asia – whilst it’s stage-show sibling Rubbish begins it’s run in Thailand also on Creative Review.

Short Film: The Lost Glove - Directed by Lizzie Oxby. Production Company: Theatre-Rites

E Machine:

Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Lizzie Oxby. E4 ident – A lively old machine pumps out E4. Stop-motion with digital effects.

The Seawatchers: Making of

Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Lizzie Oxby. An animated deconstruction of some of the compositing and effects in Lizzie’s film The Seawatchers.

Seawatchers L-Oxby

Extn.21: Making of

Director: Lizzie Oxby Production company: Lizzie Oxby. An animated deconstruction of the compositing and effects in Lizzie’s Channel 4 film Extn.21 by John Taylor.



F Jam:

Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Lizzie Oxby – Commission: EMI / Positiva Records.

The music video for drum and bass artist Adam F and feat. MC Conrad uses multi-plane and stop-frame model animation. The music video was featured as Promo of the Month on Promo News and was invited to play at many of Europe’s leading film festivals, including Sitges and Rotterdam, and broadcast on MTV Int’ Networks, Canal+ Spain and other TV channels.

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Flick Flack:

Director: Lizzie Oxby. Production company: Lizzie Oxby – Commission: MTV: idents. Flick Flacks aired on all MTV International Networks for over a decade.

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